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In this page we introduce an interview to Giuseppe Laurenti M.D., Primary Dermatologist of "ISTITUTO DERMOPATICO DELL'IMMACOLATA - IDI, to cure of our scientific writing

Question: Good morning Dr. Laurenti, nice to see you, how are your outpatients with our Shivax®?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): Good morning to you dr. Zucchi, I must say that my outpatients really appreciate the total naturalness of Shivax® and the remarkable effectiveness on the symptoms of psoriasis. I was told that the scales, where there were, disappeared after the first days of applications. They have been completly satisfied with the total resurgence of symptoms such as burning, itching and pain.

Question: then, viewed the results as positive in outpatients, you asked for samples of Shivax® to use for a test in your department at the Instituto Dermopatico dell'Immacolata (IDI), for patients admitted there, and we were very happy to grant you the samples. How did you find working with Shivax®?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): You mentioned how I had already prescribed Shivax® to some of my patients resistant to other treatments, and so I was eager to see in person, day after day, the results of applications with Shivax®. I must say that after the first days the scales had already disappeared. Patients stated that the other symptoms, burning, itching and pain, had gradually attenuated.

Question:What products in particular have you used with the Shivax® line?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist):I followed the directions provided by you. The Shivax® Plus injuries at the scalp. The Shivax® Plus covering the night with transparent film and the morning Shivax® FT without covering regarding injuries on the body.

Question: dr. Laurenti what type of psoriasis has dealt with Shivax®?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): in the period under review, had admitted patients with different types of psoriasis. I must say that the response has been more than satisfactory in all cases.

Question: approximately what time does it takes to get results on injuries?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): patients hospitalized brought forward applications with Shivax® until their discharge from the hospital. Eventually, they continued with regular applications of Shivax®. Even if the subjects were suffering from different types, severity and location of psoriasis, it should be said that within two to four months, the results were very positive.

Question: encountered unwanted side effects by using Shivax®?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): absolutely not, of any kind.

Question: generally considers the Shivax® a valuable product to combat widespread disease psoriasis wich is in continuous increase in the world?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): yes, Shivax® is certainly a very good support for each dermatologist.

Question: What in your opinion is one or more strengths of the Shivax® line?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): How strengths, I think certainly the fact of considerable effectiveness associated with the complete absence of side effects to being 100% natural.

Question: do you think that the Shivax® line products can also be used for other diseases of the skin?

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): with no doubt I tried Shivax® also regarding the dermatitis and lichen scleroatrofico. The results were very very interesting

Question: well, then I hope to continue our collaboration in science, Dr. Laurenti thanks for having granted an interview, I wish you good work and see you soon.

Response dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI (Primary Dermatologist): thanks to you, also for your commitment to research, and to see you soon.



The Dr. Giuseppe LAURENTI M.D. is
Primary Dermatologist of
in Villa Paola, Capranica (VT) ITALY
The IDI is an important Italian Institut of the Reserch and Care of the Skin Deseases, famous throughout  Italy

This interview has been realized from the scientific writing of the Shivax S.r.l. and all the rights reserved. In the case desires to be published all or leave of this interview are necessary to obtain from the Shivax S.r.l. a written consent



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