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The Preliminary Test is an important part of "PERSONAL PROTOCOL"

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The Preliminary Test concerns the past and present life of the subject. It consists of several sections. A section concerns possible medicines taken. Another section concerns all the apparatus, such as the Digestive, Genitourinary, Respiratory, Nervous System, possible Allergies and Intolerances, included possible pathologies or bad symptoms. At the end of the Preliminary Test there is a window where it is possible to write everything is important for the writing of the "PERSONAL PROTOCOL". Click on the “invio” button to send us the text. Within 3 or 5 working days you will receive your "PERSONAL PROTOCOL" You can also send us photos by email

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We thank both l'Enciclopedia De Agostini "Omnia 2002", and l'Enciclopedia De Agostini "Omnia 2003", for the Quotes and Links only at this Site Web, presenti on Secondi Volumes (2002 , 2003 and followings) dedicated to Medicine, to words

and Arthritis

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