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Psoriasis is a disease that affects many people in the world, children and adults and psoriasis in all its forms can be cured in natural, effective and lasting way in short time

Psoriasis Natural Cure Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD Practitioner GMC London UK

Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD Practitioner GMC had psoriasis all over his body in a devastating way and he had cured himself applying his natural Method. His Method is based on international scientific researches of more than 30 years


The "Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD GMC of London" is based on both Shivax® products 100% natural and effective, created by himself, and giving back the balance to the person with the Personal Protocol®


The "Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD" London UK has 2 levels of treatment, already used by ten thousand of people around the world, see comments and photos:
1. In mild cases it is treated only with the Shivax® products that vary depending on the areas of the body affected by psoriasis. Most of the cases fall within this category.
2. In more severe or extended cases if you want to treat in depth: Products Shivax® together with the Personal Protocol®. First of all, you begin filling in the Preliminary Test® online (with persona password, total respect of privacy) and following elaboration, with the personal information that are received, the dossier of the Personal Protocol® together with the indication of the Shivax® products to use


With the Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD London - UK you get lasting results for all the kinds of psoriasis, see photos, testimonies and opinions of who already have made the treatment. 

Choose which of the 2 solutions you want and start now
The Sanitary System Of United Kingdom, NHS, publishes on its website several scientific studies of precaution about the use of immunosuppressants in general
When the person is no longer in balance his immunitary system changes and the candida albicans (mushroom in the bowel) grow up of number provocating a wrong diet with an increase of stress. You have an increase of toxing until having psoriasis and arthritis psoriasis


A little example...

In a car we have an instrument cluster, full of lights. They can blink to indicate that something doesn't work. In the "human machine" these lights are represented by different symptoms. The Psoriasis lesions are warning lights that come out to warn us that there are too many toxins in our body.


But where do they come from ?



From an incorrect and unhealthy diet

Interview on "MI MANDA RAI 3" to Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD


From the liquids  we drink


From the air that penetrates our lungs


From the thoughts that crowd our mind


From the stress of daily life


As concerns Psoriasis,  the thoughts are doubly  important. In fact, when the Skin lesions come out, they can be reduced, extended or modified, new lesions could come out, establishing a negative attitude.


The first thing to do is remove the skin lesions to recover joy and positive thoughts.

Who suffers from it knows something about it.


Now it is possible to achieve the "Restitutio ad Integrum" of Skin lesions, thanks to the Shivax®

The Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD London - UK is completely natural and it can be done at all the ages

The tendency to get sick of PSORIASIS is exist from birth, as written in the DNA (genetic code) and for psoriasis is necessary that the person is no longer in balance

After you have proved all drugs

(cortisone, immunosuppressive, puva and various therapies)

and you have seen that they don't work,

you know that Shivax® exists! We are here to help you heal


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Free Ebook
"Effective Natural Psoriasis Care"
Author Dr Enzo Di Maio MD PhD








Patients' Comments




Dear Dr. DI MAIO,

Good evening

after 3 weeks I see excellent results, I'll send you some files.

Thanks and warm greetings


Gabriele Maria Visca

mob: +39 338 xxx1985

Office: +39 06 30890682



Thank you again doctor I feel reborn with this treatment


Vannozzi Alessandra


I tried Dr. Di Maio's cure around 10 years ago, I had pustular psoriasis hands and feet ... after the cure DISAPPEARED..!!! Thank you doctor..


Fabio d'Amico


Dear Doctor I really don't know how to thank you your products are miracolous most of my spots has gone away :) I'm very happy heartfelt thanks :)


Maria Rosaria Sergi


Good evening Dr. Di Maio,

The treatment with your products is going well for my mum.

Thank you for everything


Andrea Acciardi


Dear Dr. DI MAIO I felt the need to thank you when I noticed my niece Manuela's satisfaction. I think that, more tha ever, it's right to recognize the real merit and spread the positive information ( like Manuela made on fb). Personally, If I would need it, no doubt I will know how to turn to.


Thanks again for your commitment!

Giulia Bortolotto



Good evening Dr. Di Maio, my name is Vera Belmonte I came at your study for a problem of psoriasis. After your treatments, and from about a year and a half I feel great, I don't have neither a little spost, it seems a dream. I always try to remember of your advices above all related to my alimentation, and so sometime I give a look again to my Personal Protocol, if I have doubts


Vera Belmonte


The cures are really effective my mother has it on hands and feet. The hands have been cured , and she's doing the cure only from 2 months


Elena Albita


Everything true Already experimented with success! Several years ago my wife had been treated for psoriasis by Dr. Di Maio and I assure you that the part in which has been put the preparation and the cream has been cured. Are passed more than 20 years. Thanks


Bruno Solinas



Dr. Enzo DI MAIO M.D. PhD
Practitioner Specialist in
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
General Medical Council of London


Gianpiero Bruno

patient after treatment


Explain your situation to Dr DI MAIO MD




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