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On this page we present an interview with Dr. Enzo Di Maio, by our scientific editing.

Question: Dear Dr. DI MAIO, after many requests we received, we are to ask your history on the study of dermatitis such as psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, lichen, of Candida albicans and his medical research in recent 25 years?

Answer by Dr. Enzo Di Maio: We start with a Degree, even if the search began during the course of Degree. I graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1982, in the oldest University of Rome "La Sapienza". Always in the same prestigious university, La Sapienza University, I specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Already by the third year of Degree course I always wondered “why”. I wanted to understand why certain reactions were done in the body, why the doctors treating in a certain way with their patients. In addition to this critical sense that has marked the six years of university, my luck was also to have been among my many teachers, personalities of prestige. Among these, I remember with incomparable esteem prof. Ascenzi, pathological anatomy, and through his lectures and numerous autopsies done together, I began to understand the “why”. Prof. Zichella, gynecological and obstetrical clinic, for having supported my thirst for research in the areas of Psychoneuroendocrinology. That said, in 1982 I started my professional career by entering during each gynecological visit the “striscio a fresco”, for the detection of microorganisms. Soon I realized that all genital infections were dominated by Candida Albicans. I noticed immediately the correlation between the viral diseases, HPV and Herpes and Candida albicans. Therefore, I marked the overlap of stress (see alteration of the immune system) and Candida. I understood immediately the futility of the chemical pharmacological therapies. At the same time I started to look for the solution in the ancient and modern Medicine from around the world. It was a very long path, which still is evolving. After having thoroughly analyzed the amino acid medicine, medicine orthomolecolare, I study the ancient western medicine, before the advent of antibiotics. At the same time I saw the similarities with the Onan Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and I found the solution in ancient texts, “Caraka Samhita”, of the Ayurvedic Medicine, the oldest medicine in the world.

Question: Some people have asked why a gynecologist, although with wide knowledge in medicine in the world, treat psoriasis and other dermatological diseases and no?

Answer by Dr. Enzo Di Maio: In that period, characterized by a lot of work both in public and in my private practice, my stress was rising at an unacceptable level. The doctor is a human being and a patient, this should never be forgotten. Then appeared in me the Psoriasis. This exploded in me so devastating, in a week I was completely flooded. So knowing what the medical drug are, totally ineffective and highly toxic, I decided to put into practice my studies on my own. In the early 90s I found the solution for me. Then in '94 came my second son that when he had six months his head was filled with Psoriasis. He was my second patient. Healed quickly and to date has not had anything. Since then I had the chance, thanks to the internet, to treat a large number of patients in the world who most often became friends. I found a cure as well as people with Candida albicans and psoriasis, also arthritis, hypertension, diabetes in adults, many dermatitis, a disease known as Chronic Fatigue, the rejuvenation, the Obesity, etc. Since'94 I understood that it could and it was essentially treating in the physiological and natural way, through an integration of Western medicine with Ayurvedic Medicine. And it is what I do with my collaborators. Treat as many people as possible in the world is what I consider "my mission".

Question: Thank you for your precious time we spent and we wish you a good job and that this job bring you to help as many people as possible.

Answer by Dr. Enzo Di Maio: Thank You .... and whenever you want you know I am always available.


Question: Which are the causes that provoke the psoriasis?

Answer of the Enzo Di Maio, M.D.: Once that it has happened the conception has the formation of a new DNA (genetic code), where the necessary information to the life of the individual will be written all. In the DNA they are present the highest number of geniuses. The geniuses are containing parts of DNA one specific information, like the colour of the eyes or hats. Many diseases have root in the genetic predisposition of the individual. The nature of these pathologies is based on the correlation of numerous geniuses between of they. Therefore we can assert that many diseases have one base of poligenical predisposition. In this context we find very many pathologies between which the psoriasis, the seborrhoic dermatitis , the vitiligo, many dermatitis you, the diabetes of the adult, the rheumatoid arthritis, the Psoriasis Arthritis, the lupus, many thyroid like the thyroid ones of Hashimoto, essential the arterial hypertension, disease of Crohn or the regional ileitis, the colitis rectum and many others. In the interrelation between the geniuses it is written to you if that subject is predisposed, in the future, to become ill itself of one rather than of an other disease. In some cases they can more be present than one pathology in the same subject. In the course of the life of the individual, there is, inevitable, an  accumulate of toxins had to various causes. we can subdivide them in inside causes and outside causes. The inside causes are in the wrong feeding, in what we drink, in the air that we breathe and from the atmosphere in which we live, comprised the causes chemistries and/or physics like toxic substances (assumed drugs, toxic presents in the surrounding atmosphere, radiations, etc). For the outside causes we must consider the interface of that individual with the world that encircles it, that is its microcosm. Therefore all that that the person encircles, like the working, familiar, scholastic atmosphere, the economic side, etc can carry to having of the thoughts denied to you. These stressful factors are translate, in the individual, an increase of toxins. ... Un thought negative can be poisinous than a poisoned food. It is not of agreement? ... (continuing)… All that involves a situation of stress beyond the physiological one in the organism .Therefore will form a sure toxin number and once accumulated in excess they will be manifested with the present predispositions in the DNA of that individual. Therefore the age in which an other pathology will be able to be manifested or will depend is from how many toxins is accumulated and is from the same predisposition of the subject.

Question: How it is possible to cure or to make to revert the psoriasis?

Answer of the Enzo Di Maio, M.D.: Premised the made speech previously, it appears clearly that we can subdivide the possibilities in two great lines. Before it could be local and the second one will be general. Like all healthy good, they exist in commerce numerous produced topical made up of cortisone and of other substances chemistries, of insufficient or null effectiveness. While it can be stated, in base to personal experiences, a remarkable effectiveness in natural products, that moreover they are optimally tolerated. These natural products can be use you alone also, also because they do not need of medical prescription. All do not have want and/or the possibility and/or the necessity to it to carry the general aspect ahead.


Enzo DI MAIO, M.D.

This interview has been realized from the scientific writing of the Shivax s.r.l. and all the rights reserved. In the case desires to be published all or leave of this interview are necessary to obtain from the Shivax s.r.l. a written consent



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