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SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS is a disease that affects many people in the world.

Classically SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS is defined as a hereditary disease, in fact it is possible find within a family, more subjects affected by it. Much more frequent is, however, the confirmation, inside a family, of persons with diseases such as diabetes of the adult, rheumatoid arthritis, Systemic lupus erythematosus, vitiligo and psoriasis. This happen because of the Polygenic nature of these diseases, that is the susceptibility to fall ill is written , not on a single gene, but on multiple genes. Little modifications of genes, mean that a person is predisposed to a disease rather than to another. Having said this, it can be stated that SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS is a disease, from the genetic point of view, with familiar features. With a frequency 7% is found in children, in the early months of life.


Therefore we can say with certainty that the tendency to get sick of seborrheic dermatitis is present from birth, as written in the DNA (genetic code).


The disease or characteristic SKIN IRRITATIONS will occur only when that person is in enerical condition of stress. This means that the toxins found in that person are really too many.



Dr. Enzo DI MAIO

  Interview RAI "Mi Manda RAI 3"  


A little example.......

In a car we have a panel, where there are several light indicators that light up to tell us that something doesn't work in the car.
In "man machine" these indicators are represented from the symptoms, the most various.
The lesions of seborrheic dermatitis, are actually indicators, who are born to tell us that the level of toxins in the body is at alarming levels.

But where these toxins come from?


From a unfairly and not healthy feeding Try it! Shivax® really works
From liquids we drink of
From air that enters into our lungs
From thoughts that crowds our minds

In regard to seborrheic dermatitis, thoughts are doubly important. In fact once the SKIN IRRITATIONS are highlighted and progress, decline, modify, and new ones show up, it creates a global very negative attitude. Sufferers knows something.


From studies of many international researchers (see bibliography) and also from our clinical experience, result clear how much Seborrheic Dermatitis, along with other diseases with psychosomatic component, is related to chronic infection by CANDIDA ALBICANS.


Candida albicans is a fungus that is present in our bodies from birth. In fact when the baby pass through the birth canal of the mother, he remains infected, since this fungus is normally present in large amounts in vaginal fluid of pregnant women. From this moment Candida will go to colonize the small bowel mucosa, her true residence, but until the number of colonies won't be elevated, will rappresent for the individual only a saprophyte, that is it won't provoke damages. If for one or more reasons the immune system will become depressed, colonies will increase of number.


At this point, we could have an outward manifestation of the infection ongoing, through the "second houses" of Candida, like vaginitis or burn to the penis, thrush(Candidiasis), fungal spots on the skin, athlete's foot, etc... More silent are, instead, effects caused by 79 toxins producted by Candida and the most directed towards the central nervous system and the immune system secondary (that is, gut) and principal.


Normally Candida accompanies the life of a healthy individual, i.e. is a saprophyte, but when the effectiveness of the immune system(the primary or secondary) decreases for increasing the presence of endogenous and exogenous toxins, this fungus grows considerably causing significant problems for health of the subject in question.


An instance: we imagine to observe a healthy forest, following a heavy rain we will see appear some fungi, spread throughout underwood. Then the fungi will be present in an amount not excessive. In the case in which we had to observe a tree with many fungi, this will mean that the tree no longer enjoys good health. The same happen in the human organism, with the difference that fungi , that is candida is much smaller.


At the level of female genital an overgrowth of candida can manifest with white discharge, that sometimes can assume the aspect of ricotta or caseous-like, constant burning or, after urination, redness of the same region.

At the level of male genital infection by candida albicans leads to a balanoposthitis, that is numerous erythematous patches (red), little, velvety, shiny, localized to the glans and prepuce accompanied by itching and burning.

However in any case is always present a decrement of immune defenses.

This is especially evident after antibiotic therapy, or corticotherapy, in diabetes, during assumption of an oral contraceptive, or of drugs that act on the central nervous system (tranquilizers, anxiolytics, sedatives), or if you are using anti-ulcer drugs (cimetidina, antiacidi), o anche in pregnancy.


The factor that allows and encourages the proliferation of candida is alimentary, inasmuch fungi feed fundamentally of simple carbohydrates. In fact, among the characteristic symptoms of infection with candida have frequently gluttony for Pane(Bread), Patate(Potatoes), Pizza, Pasta ("The four P of Dr. DI MAIO") ©Copyright 1995-2012, see bibliography) or Sweets and Sugar.


in this respect results easily understandable how infection by candida can be responsible of chronic fatigue syndrome(CFS), of hyperactivity, of depression, of anxiety (also panic attacks and/or anxiety attack), of bulimia, of anorexia.

Among the diseases commonly attributed generically to the "stress" or to somatization of anxiety at the level of the digestive system, remembers gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, sconstipation, diarrhea, that are actually is due to the pathological presence of candida at the level of small bowel and as such should be considered.


For nearly 30 years are reported in the scientific international literature several relevant evidences to also that dermatological diseases, that normally are attributed to various reasons, etiologic and unspecified, as seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, lichen scleroatrophic and psoriasis, are also in close correlation with the Candida (see bibliography).


In the last thirty years results clear to the whole population huge increase of subjects affected by allergies. Furthermore it was pointed out also a significant increase in people affected by alimentary intolerances. All of this is in relation to modification that candidiasis induces the immune system responses (primary and/or secondary) and to modifications of permeability of the mucosa of the small bowel wall, that mycetes (candida) provoke in their intestinal localization.


In a subject affected by SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS, therefore,the first thing to do is eliminate SKIN IRRITATIONS. In this way, in fact, in individual will return the joy and then positive thoughts.

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