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Lichen sclerosus is a desease which affects many people worldwide.

The Effective Natural Lichen Treatment of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD (GMC London)

Classically it's defined as LICHEN an hereditary desease, in fact it is possible to find in a family, more people affected from it.
Much more frequently this hereditary character can also be noticed in many other deseases such as: adult diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematic, vitiligo and psoriasis.
The reason stands in the Polygenic nature of these diseases. In other words, the trend to fall ill is written, not on a single gene, but on more genes.
The last ones raise the possibility to have a specified illness instead of an other one. So for instance we can assert that Lichen is a desease, from the genetic point of view, with familiar characteristics.
We can surely declare that the trend to fall ill of LICHEN exists since birth, because is written in DNA (genetic code).
Lichen or SKIN LESIONS will just appear when the subject is under pressure or in generic STRESS conditions. This means that there are too many toxins in the body.

Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD (General Medical Council of London) had Lichen and psoriasis all over his body in a devastating presence, so he cured himself by applying on his deseases His own method.

The Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD PhD London is based on scientific research spreaded in more then 30 years.
When a person is no more in balance his immunitary system is modified and CANDIDA ALBICANS (a monilia you can find in the intestine) raises of number, leading on a wrong alimentation and consequently bringing more stress. So in this way the person has a considerable increase of toxines till Lichen is formed.

A little example...
In a car we have an instrument cluster, full of lights. They can blink to indicate that something doesn't work. In the "human machine" these lights are represented by different symptoms. The Psoriasis lesions are warning lights that come out to warn us that there are too many toxins in our body


But where do these toxines come from?

From an incorrect and unhealthy diet
From the liquids  we drink
From the air that penetrates our lungs
From the thoughts that crowd our mind


As concerns Lichen, the thoughts are doubly important. In fact, when the Skin lesions come out, they can be reduced, extended or modified, new lesions could come out, establishing a negative attitude. Who suffers of it knows something about it.
The first thing to do is to remove the skin lesions (and the itch) to recover joy and positive thoughts.
The “Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD” London UK is based both on the Shivax® products 100% Natural and Effective, created by Him, and on restoring the balance of the person with the Personal Protocoll®.
The “Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO MD” London UK has two different levels of treatment, they have already been used by tens of thousands people worldwide, please read the comments and the photos below:
1. Light and medium cases are cured only with Shivax® products that are switched due to the body areas interested from Lichen. Most of cases enter this category.
2. More extended or heavy cases are cured with the filling up of Preliminary Test® online (with personal password, total respect of privacy) and the elaboration that followed, with personal information given, allows us to build up the paper trail of the Personal Protocoll®. It can also be used with Shivax® products.
The Method of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO PhD London – UK garantees fast results, durables on every type of Lichen. Please read the comments, the testimonials and the photos below.

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After you have proved all drugs (cortisone, immunosuppressive, puva and various therapies)

and you have seen that they don't work,

you know that Shivax® exists! We are here to help you heal


Dr. Enzo DI MAIO

This article has been written with the scientific collaboration of Dr. Enzo DI MAIO, that from more than 30 years pratices successfully these methods.
For another informations you can call us at the numbers that you find at the end of the page

We thank both Encyclopedia De Agostini "Omnia 2002", and Encyclopedia De Agostini "Omnia 2003", for the Quotes and Links only at this WebSite,
on Second Volumes(2002 , 2003 and followings) dedicated to the Medicine, to
and Arthritis



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